About moi

Hi! I am Renée Warren.

I am an enthusiastic, creative thinker and entrepreneur. My first job, at 17 years old, took me into the restaurant management business where I learned the tools of the trade. Entrepreneurship to me at that age was difficult, yet very rewarding. On top of managing a restaurant I also designed jewellery for my collection at Mijoux, a business still in operation today. Currently, we create designs for weddings and special occasions. Out of university I travelled to Australia, Fiji, Mexico, and Los Angeles. There I discovered and fell in love with culture, art, and ethnic foods. (A slight sushi fetish developed). Upon my return to Canada after a year long absence, I returned to school for Marketing Management. My short stint as Manager for a small co-working company showed me the passion and enthusiasm Canada has for entrepreneurship. I was soon recruited by BizLaunch Media Inc. to help preserve the nation’s passion for small business success.

Specialties: Media relations, marketing management, project management, business development, jewellery design/manufacturing, social media strategist.

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