Feeding the Alligator

What it’s like to feed an alligator.  At least this time it’s not a cute little mouse, but a piece of fresh salmon.  This guy eats better then I do!

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Canada wins the Gold – Duh!

With over 80% of the Canadian population watching the men’s hockey finals Sunday afternoon, it’s no wonder Facebook’s status updates went threw the roof when we won.  Ask any American How-to-stick-foot-in-mouth and they can easily show you how. They did beat us in a game of hockey, but it wasn’t for the Gold.

This graph displays the Facebook updates per minute right after Canada won gold. Awesome!

From TechCrunch


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Visual map of Facebook over 6 years

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Booty Camp Fitness

I am so excited.  Today I am signing up for Booty Camp Fitness.

Booty Camp Fitness welcomes women of all ages and levels of fitness, and provides a total-body workout (each session is 1 hour) that combines:

  • Circuit training
  • Hand-to-hand cardio combat (no contact)
  • Core strengthening
  • Body sculpting
  • Yoga

To target trouble spots and sculpt you from head-to-toe.

Bikini body here I come!!

February 24, 2010 at 3:13 pm 2 comments

Apple launches 1st Feminine Product: iPad

Finally Apple thinks of women!  Today Apple launched the iPad, the 1st ever Apple feminine product. It’s slim, light, fresh, and new, just what women look for in a maxi pad.  I appreciate Steve Jobs reaching out to the number one decision makers, the women.   Thanx Apple!

And the tweets go on…

iPad: MadTv already knew about this product in 2007.

iPad: Maxi Pad – available in a mini maxi or heavy flow maxi

iPad: Comes with a maxi pad App

iPad: Good for the low flow days

iPad: My iPhone just became an iPad nano

iPad: iPad… Copyright infringement with MaxiPads?

iPad:  Are you ready for apple branded man purses?

iPad: For your light iDays.

iPad: “iPad!” “Oh really, well, iTampon, but I guess it’s a personal choice.”

iPad: Wonder how many women were involved in #iPad naming process? Did none of them say ‘…erm’…

iPad:  The itampon, it plugs a gap….

iPad: Apple is coming out with two versions of it’s new iPad – the WiFi Mini Pad and the AT&T 3G Maxi Pad

iPad: Ipad with vaginal firewall protection and 3g-spot finder…

iPad: You can do things with #iTampon that you just can’t do with #iPad – like biking, horseback riding and swimming.

iPad: to keep you “fresh” down there.

iPad: It’s taking off because it has wings.

iPad: with mood lighting to suit your temper.

iPad: I can’t make fun of the iPad anymore. Someone call me when the iTampon leaks.

iPad: ipad…so, exactly how well does it stand up to leaks??

iPad: I Wonder if Kimberly Clark is the subcontractor to build #IPad ?

iPad: iTampon…no strings attached

iPad: Waiting for them to announce the iGoldChain so I can wear my #iPad around my neck

iPad: Just in case Apple runs out of uses for “iSomething’ They can refer to this

iPad: “‘I’m going to need a friggin’ iPack to carry all this iCrap I own

iPad: The entry-level #iPad comes with only 16GB of memory? I can fart 16GB of memory.

January 27, 2010 at 8:31 pm 2 comments

Lost Ring is found again

One week ago today, I was washing my hands and accidentally dropped my ring down the drain.  I don’t know how these things happen, but they just do.  I freaked out (naturally). This is the ring my mom bought me for Christmas 2009.  It is an old sterling silver spoon that has been shaped into a ring, with the letter “R” engraved onto it.  It was a perfect fit.  So, I tried numerous attempts with a clothes hanger, to no avail.

Today we brought in a heavy duty shop vac to suck the thing out. And guess what? IT WORKED!  You can sense my excitement in this video:

January 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm 3 comments

People of Haiti:

My heart goes out to you.

Bénissez ceux qui ont en besoin
(Bless those in need)

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I LOVE shout outs!

I am a high believer in merit.  We should all get rewarded for all the wonderful things we do.  This past year I have most certainly felt that warm, compassionate feeling of a job well done through the many events (GenYTO) and others (TwestivalTO, HoHoTO…) with all the money we raised for charity.  The best part of all this are the friends I made and the support (And mulla) we raised for local charities.

And boy-oh-boy did we get some pretty friggen cool shut-outs!  So cool that tweeps in Ottawa started #GenYOTT, a sister group of #GenYTO.  And, the lovely Casie Stewart mentioned moi in TechVibes as “a really smart girl with a great attitude, not to mention beautiful.” – Casie Stewart.  Umm…Cool!!!

I don’t usually pat myself on the back, or think overly highly of my accomplishments, but I can confidently say that 2009 was a fan-diddly-astic year.  THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUTS PEEPS!

January 6, 2010 at 4:31 pm 1 comment

Worst ad of 2009 [Via BNET]

BNET News thinks that this is the worst ad of 2009. They describe it is tasteless and irrelevant. I agree.

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Breaking News: Snow in Toronto

This is so fitting.  [Scooped it from InSeansOpinion blog] Growing up in North Bay and living in Toronto, this video is so true.

December 9, 2009 at 2:10 pm 1 comment

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