Canada is a safe place for small business

August 7, 2008 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

Being an entrepreneur is a totally unique way of making a living. As an entrepreneur, you alone are responsible for your success or failure. You can enjoy rewards beyond your dreams or endure unexpected struggles. That being said, it is evident that many Canadians are taking advantage of those factors.

“Small businesses create jobs that corporations have increasingly been taking away,” comments Roger Pierce, Small Business Expert and Co-Founder of BizLaunch, “Recent cut backs in the manufacturing sector, especially, are leaving many in a helpless situation. Those same employees are starting their own businesses and contributing the Canadian economy”.

A recent report suggests that Canada’s job creation over the last decade is the best amongst the world’s seven largest industrial economies. Those being laid off often think about starting their own company and act on it. Last year alone over 179,000 new businesses were created in Canada. Of those, many employed between 1-5 employees. That’s at minimum 179,000 and up to 895,000 jobs created by small businesses alone.

Those statistics don’t surprise Pierce, “With more awareness of the small business growth we are seeing in Canada, many more companies are popping up. It is said that there is more job security and profits in running your own business. Being ones own boss also allows you to shape and develop a company culture to your liking.” Take Zappo, the world’s largest shoe store as an example. Potential employees are screened to make sure their values mesh with the Zappos 10 Core Values. If an interviewee does not have the same morals, than they would not be considered for the position.

There are many more available services for small business than there has ever been. With the help from governments, non-profits, and private companies, the state of small business has changed so dramatically in the past decade that it has become very easy to start a small business. Programs such as ScotiaBanks’ Starting Line fro Business, STAPLES BizLaunch in store seminars, Small Business Centre events, and free small business advice from government organizations, together have given entrepreneurs the access to the how-to advice they need.

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