Social Media Thoughts and Barriers to Entry. Part 1

April 20, 2009 at 4:30 pm Leave a comment

It is not easy finding your space in the social media sphere.  With the likes of people like Ashton Kutcher and The Real Shaq, it is hard to determine whether or not using platforms like Twitter for your small business has any worthwhile importance.  (For more information on Ashton Kutcher and the First Tweeter to get 1 Million followers, click here). 

Ashton on Twitter

For Twitter:
It really all depends on your goal in using social media.  If you are out there to get as many people to follow you as possible, then you would be ill-advised to use social media for your business.   However, this does have some benefits.  I sometimes ask open questions on Twitter and get decent replies.  People will direct me to other blogs, websites, and Tweeters for my answer.  It all helps.  But WHO follows you often has a huge impact on what sort of replies and ‘advice’ you’ll get.  Who YOU chose to follow also shapes your Twitter success.  I suggest you use Tweetdeck to organize your columns into strategic groups. This way you can keep track of what is happening in all your communities of interest.  You can organize your groups anyway you chose.  

Barrier to Entry:
 It is not tough to get in, but it is tough to build a decent community and gain credibility.  The biggest barrier:  INVESTMENT OF TIME.  In order to stay on top, in the know, and on-the-scene, your social media campaign(s) must be updated everyday!  Yes….E V E R Y D A Y.  (I am a hypocrite as it has been 9 days since I made my last blog post.  Don’t do what I do).  However, when it comes to Twitter and Facebook, you only need 20 minutes a day to start.  10 minutes to check out what is happening in the Twittersphere and 10 minutes to update your status and RSVP to events on Facebook. Easy as pie. 

Part 2…coming soon.

Until Then:
If you want more information on how to develop a simple Social Media Startegy for your business, contact me at


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