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Create BUZZ around your product

Creating buzz around your product or service. Quit simply, how to make it viral. Follow these steps, stick to them, and you could create a really BIG BUZZ!

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Worst ad of 2009 [Via BNET]

BNET News thinks that this is the worst ad of 2009. They describe it is tasteless and irrelevant. I agree.

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My Response to “The Psychological Aftershock of First Impressions”

My comment on The Psychological Aftershock of First Impressions

To add to your discussion though, first impressions don’t only include meeting someone for the first time. It also includes first experiences, whether at a restaurant, salon, fashion store, or even reading a book. Think, even, to the front entrance way to your home. Is the door welcoming, are the flowers in the flower bed tended to, are the stairs kept free of obstacles, and is your grass mowed? All these things lend to a house guests impressions of your home. Sure the kitchen may be messy, but they don’t see that room first. They see your entrance way.

Just like you need to tend to your welcome mat at home, you should do so with your personal welcome mat. Keep it clean, fresh, welcoming, friendly, and courteous. It makes giving that positively memorable first impression that much easier.

Have a great day!


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