Create BUZZ around your product

May 5, 2010 at 2:03 pm 1 comment

I like this list Dan Schwabel put together for “How to Create Viral Buzz around your product”
Please note though that I hate the word viral as it has become an unreasonably idealistic term for those trying to make it BIG quick.
  1. Unbelievable: your message contains something that is shocking and unexpected in a good or a bad way
  2. Create curiosity: it gets people thinking and talking and perhaps even wanting more (Curiosity is a big motivated for people – don’t underestimate it)
  3. Brilliantly created: your message is clever and intelligently presented (it may not be “new” but you’ve found a way to share something with others in a unique way)
  4. Humor: it makes people smile or laugh
  5. Provides a mind-blowing offer: the offer is so attractive it literally causes people to share it with others. (As a part of my most recent book launch, I gave away 150 other gifts to people who purchased Viral Explosions off this website.
  6. Controversial: it’s different from what the masses are saying and/or thinking
  7. Unusual: it is unusual, strange, interesting and creative and fascinates people
  8. Deeply needed: it is something people are hungry for. It solves a very common problem easily, quickly and better than anyone else (or gives the impression it does)
  9. Adds value: it is a resource that helps people’s lives and it clearly demonstrates the value
  10. Important: Of course, it is imperative that anyone who is marketing online follow the FTC guidelines and communicates ethically, legally and honestly.

Just be careful when making it ‘controversial’.  Don’t forget etiquette, your brand, and what your company stands for.


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  • 1. reneewarren  |  May 6, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Sorry if some of you tried to read this post earlier. For some reason it only published the opening paragraph. It’s all good now.


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