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Business networking is a form of marketing as you, the owner, are the face and overall representative of your business. Wherever you go and whatever you do is a pat of your business image. For this reason it is important that you develop proper networking skills to help you maintain a positive image and to get more work.

Networking can be understood as a four-act process.
Act 1. You must be able to approach someone and engage them in conversation. Whether this is done online or in person creating dialogue is easy. Just don’t go at it without a plan. Have an idea of what you want to get out of the conversation. Is it to learn more about what that person does, how they can help you, or how you can help them?

Act 2. This is referred to as the net-chat step. Net-chat is the technique of collecting and giving information, finding out as much as you can about the other person in the shortest amount of time.

Act 3. This is where you disengage from the conversation. This step is ultimately important as you need to leave a positive impression. What is your closing line? What is your hook? What is your call to action?

Act 4. Follow-up. Too few entrepreneurs actually follow up within the 24 hour timeframe. The longer you go without following up increases your chance of your new contact(s) forgetting who you are and what you talked about. Send a quick email or a phone call and say how you enjoyed the conversation, what you liked most about their interests, and to keep in touch.

Many times the new people you meet wont be of any direct business importance to you. Don’t disregard that fact that they are potentially a great referral service. They may suggest your business products or services to someone else.

– Be Focused
– Be a listener
– Be sincere
– Be mobile
– Be a joiner
– Be sensitive to cultural and physical differences

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